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Flarik Akhmetov

The only shame he feels is the shame of being caught


can we please get some sort of mental health education for parents i cant believe how many are in denial of their child’s condition

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Shingeki no Kyojin Online - Wings of CounterattackCurrently released Summer Festival outfits


You’re making me feel happy. It’s weird and i don’t think its punk.

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what are the symptoms of being fergalicious

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pokemyeye said: Hi, I am Paul. I am a game programmer at SICO. Can you make me a favour and test one new game called Stormfall? It is the best new online game coming soon. Be one of the first one to see it, at MY BLOG you can play it. Let my know how was it! Paul :d

Then I was like:

I love new games. But do you think you could tell me a little more about it? Like what type it is, maybe a bit of the character selection. Is it fantasy or sifi based? But I’ll probably check it out, I need more games to play

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